Description: I am open for new things. Surprise me. I need you to lead as i am not so experienced.
Expertise: Sometimes I feel frightend.Sometim es I feel unloved.Sometimes I feel i will never gain approval from those people who are most important to me.But I am brave and goodhearted and face my life head on. You know what turns me on? Effort. Assurance.Sh
About: Hi guys welcome to my room my name Domi!Ask my age? hmm .... I`m 4 ....) Although age is only a number)!very positive(in most cases),friendly,s ometimes hard to get LOL..You will find a nice and warm conversation;even tho i seem moody sometimes i can easily laugh and enjoy any kind of top
Turns On: If you are entering my room, i want you to leave behind everything that bother you in real life and just enjoy "Paradise time with me". I am NEWBIE here, but i always love try new things. I will enjoy be sexy for you but a pleasent conversation would get as well. So i want you smile
Turns Off: Im not a robot, but a real person just like u, so treat me with respect! Dont be rude or demanding, im here to have fun with you so be nice and generous and you will get the best of me, thank you
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props: