Description: Always horny,talkative,c onsistently me. Been doing cam modeling since 2011.Im a busy mom that uses multitasking skills to get by. since i have to do everything of importance in my life. I love quickies, teasing, public sex. come see me for more details. Im proud to be a open book. ;)
Expertise: Teasing with my 5`3, 100 lb body. Engagement in real&personal genuine conversation,Pass ionate& very opinionated.I`ll tell you exactly how I feel&what I think. I love to smoke,garden,cook ,learn,read,& esp. clothes!
About: I love nature, hate my greedy government, like to learn and grow daily. Explore and live life to fullest! As much as a mom of 3 can. I have always been known as the weird girl. The weird hot girl is a different category & I love it! I`m silly as fuck
Turns On: Big hits, doing it outside, big brains, smart ass but not just an ass. Good conversation, being heard because people Don`t usually listen. Being wanted. Since my bf doesn`t usually want me.Getting off in my garden. Or at the park
Turns Off: a hypocrite,dumb-as s,liar,cheaters,r ude-people,or an emotional ass
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english