Description: Hello, I am a woman who likes to laugh and to share things and emotions. I am a good listener and a good adviser too, so if you need somebody to listen to your thoughts, your troubles or you need someone to put a smile on your face, you choose the right one. Come to live your dream.
Expertise: I will guide your through pushing your limits and boundaries while I will tease you with my body. Just take your time to join me and know me.
About: I am a dark road with a lot of dangerous curves, but when the sun goes down, I`ll be one hell of a ride. I dare you to look into my eyes as I take you into the abyss, where I will show you the dark, vile, perverse secrets that are inside of us. Let`s sin as devils do and love as angels do.
Turns On: I like a man who knows what he wants and also who is willing to try to push his limits and boundaries. I will guide you through every step and also, I`ll be willing to push mines for the right man. I would like you to trust me while I guide you in exploring and trying new things.
Turns Off: Being indecisive. Which I am. Sometimes. Or maybe a lot? I don’t know.
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props: