Description: I`m friendly open minded person who love to communicate with people, don`t forget to say "hi" to me ;) Would love to get to know you better and tell everything about me
Expertise: I enjoy what i do,but i do it for a reason too...My BIG dream is to buy a house for my , also have my own business,study a career, and travel.
About: Welcome to …`s roo! I feel myself very playful, a little bit cruel and confident. I enjoy playing different games mostly in Top position but don`t call me Mistress - I prefer Goddess. That`s why I do what I really like and can afford myself and crazy thing without limits ;)
Turns On: I enjoy watching men jerk off and love to spread and finger my wet pussy in front of my webcam
Turns Off: Do you like big dick, small dick, etc.: Really? This is all you can think to say? First of all, what defines big or small... but besides that, it`s a boring topic of conversation.
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english