Description: You can make me smile with every comment you make without even trying, I am very smiling and I really care about you in a genuine way, I want to give you all my love and I want us to experience the greatest of pleasures together.
Expertise: I like it when your cock reaches the deepest part of my throat and fills me completely. I want to leave everything full of saliva to know that it belongs to me.
About: I consider myself very charismatic and outgoing, I like to be friendly with people and I expect the same in return, it may seem that I have a strong character but I smile frequently and talk too much, if you are willing to start a conversation with me I hope you know how to listen to me.
Turns On: My breasts are my weak point, I want you to kiss them with desire while you caress my back with your hand until you make my pussy wet for you, squeeze my legs and take your hand to my pussy to start slowly putting your fingers in me.
Turns Off: I don`t like that you lie to me or are unfair to me, nor that you are convenient with what really matters to you.
Kinkies: tattoos
Toys Or Props: