Description: Dark and mysterious, I’m a woman of many layers. Each one deeper than the next. Behind these brooding eyes is the mind of a poet, burdened with describing the beauty of the world around me. A passion lays frozen deep within my heart, yearning to be set free.
Expertise: Don`t be shy, come and ask me!
About: I easily find a common language with all people. I always try to understand the people first, what is his goal, what he wants. I love myself and therefore I know how to love others. When you get into my room, you will have a beautiful smile, long legs and my friendly look.
Turns On: I love the psihology, I love animals and also the beauty and that because I am a make-up artist. I like also fashion and an elegant man.
Turns Off: I don`t want fake friends and people who take every opportunity to always fall on their feet
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english