Description: Hot red-haired girl, always ready for communication and hot fantasies. My fantasy is I want to try to be a mistress in the bedroom and order you. In my fantasies, it turns me on a lot. Seeing your pleading gaze and awe of my power is the height of pleasure. I imagine a scene from Basic Instinct: you
Expertise: Blowjob, masturbation, playing with dildo, tit-shaker, anal, dirty anal, loveence in the ass
About: I`m a hot girl, I love to play games, and when I do, I instantly. I really want to play with you
Turns On: Self-confidence Neatness, pleasant appearance Strength, perseverance Persistence Charm, sociability A healthy sense of humor Pleasant voice, body odor Politeness, gallantry Self-sufficiency, hard work, success Sexuality, romance
Turns Off: I am repelled by rudeness and greed.
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props: