Description: I`m very talkative, so if you`re afraid to start communicating, I`ll do it for you! I`ll talk to you about whatever you want. But my favorite topics are art and your pet :)
Expertise: I don`t know much about fetishes, but hopefully you`ll teach me everything and we`ll find something that both you and I like ;)
About: I love art, I`d love to spend time with you talking about how beautiful poetry is and what kind of picture you`d paint of me. I think you would enjoy drawing on my beautiful body.
Turns On: I dream of lying in bed with you in the morning, holding hands. After a stormy night we would be very exhausted, but content. The smell of slightly burnt toast comes from the kitchen, and we laugh quietly, because we forgot about them because we were busy with each other.
Turns Off: I really like gentle conversations, so no rudeness :)
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english