Description: 🌹I can look delicate and soft,i can talk about love and dreams as much as i can put some real high heels,one black leather dress and some red lipstick and go out to party in a wiled way. This is me,classy ,funny and with a twist of spicy.Perfect combo ,sweet and simple are not working on me&
Expertise: 😈I have my own Kink`s , so what about to join me and we will talk about them ? 😈
About: 🎁One box full of surprises , this is the easy way to say something about me. The box looks great,wait to discover what is inside it,can turn in your dream or highway to hell.Come and meet me 😜
Turns On: 😈Kisses,roses,go od music,a bottle of red wine,good jokes and something that i like to call imagination. Do you have those ? Than come and meet me,i will do the rest😈
Turns Off: 😒 When you try to manipulate me ,lie to me , boss me around and most when you think i am one nice puppet of your collection . I can be whatever you wish ,according with how you treat me.😁
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english