Description: I give myself completely to everything i do - and i want to do whatever you want! Brazilian and curious baby girl, love to talk about everything and learn new things. Im very romantic but naughty girl too! Searching for good conversations and beautiful conections!
Expertise: Lil fish in shibari ocean but love self ties, wanna see?
About: I love exercises, summer vibes and being in company who makes me feel loved. Young and sassy brazilian, shy a lil bit (believe me) but im a attitude person when i want something. Im a gemini so i love to talk, learn things i dont know and introduce new things to someone too! Love real people.
Turns On: Flirt, good talk before dirty talk, when the food is absolutely delicious, when my bikini tan is perfect, being pampered, kisses in my neck, being taller than me and a gentleman with me.
Turns Off: Rude man, wet shoes, insistence in something i dont want to do, motorcycle riding in rain, when i buy food and it sucks, disrespectfull and closed mind people.
Toys Or Props: