Description: MOANDAY...TONGUED AY...WETDAY...THI RSTDAY..FREAKDAY. ..SEXDAY..SUCKDAY !!! I want to tease you before i please you! I`m ur favorite sex dream girl~ Wine me..dine me..sixty-nine me! All u need its a dirty mind and someone to share it with :P Careful baby, i`m a l
Expertise: Having a dirty mind makes ordinary conversations much more interesting! Sexy isn`t a shape it`s an! attitude! I like to start my week with a lil bit of ....u choose! A orgasm a day keep the doctor away !
About: Can u put me on "to-do" list?? Let`s sexercise:P Sometimes hard fast rough,sometimes deep,slow and gentle :P Kamasutra style and all the positions u wanna try :P Spice things up ! I`m ur lucky charm... fragile like a bomb :P Sassy and semi delicated girl ! Eyes on me baby!!
Turns On: Seduce i can give u some loveeee!!! Adore me so i can please u !! Caution : i`m the type that wants romantic kisses,tight hugs, dirty talk and a lot of hot nasty moments ;
Turns Off: Don`t be scared to be intelligent, knowledge is sexy and powerful ! Important rule: no means no!! IF U DON`T WANT A SARCASTIC ANSWER DON`T ASK A STUPID QUESTION ! ACT LIKE A MAN !
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props: