Description: I love doing all kinds of things, I am a very happy and horny girl who loves pleasure, adventure and nature. I love fucking outdoors and being one with you.
Expertise: I am an expert in making you come as many times as you ask me in the way you want, love to use my feet, my hands and my ass to make you come very hard.
About: I am a very attractive and horny girl who loves to play with her friends, do all kinds of fetishes and be made to come. I love that they treat me with desire and temptation, that they do with my body and my pussy everything they want until they come inside me
Turns On: I love being tortured, pinched, bitten, slapped and eaten on my ass with their big thick cock. I love that they tie me up and give me for hours.
Turns Off: I do not like to be treated softly, to be treated with love or romance, I am turned off by romantic men who give feelings to things.
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english