Description: I`m Anto, some people might think I`m a nymphomaniac, I really love sex, so I want to meet active and accommodating people, I also want to give the best of me.
Expertise: Blowjob, cumshot, cowgirl
About: I love my big ass to be the center of attention, but I also want you to be interested in making me feel pleasure, I am latina so I like to look pretty and get compliments....
Turns On: I am turned on by spanking, hard spanking, wild sex. I want you to take me hard and tell me what you will do to me, that makes me very wet and I can come over and over again.
Turns Off: It turns me off when you don`t have ideas or don`t tell me what you want to do, I don`t like it when you are boring or too smooth.
Toys Or Props: sound