Description: At first sight tender and subtle... but also naughty. I wish that in my room we have very good conversation, I am always ready to answer all your questions and i want you to answer mine. I like open interaction ready for all things
Expertise: I like oral sex, it´s something I really enjoy. I love to highlight my tail is something I like you to see in my private, and it is one of the parts of my body that I appreciate the most.
About: I am a cheerful girl, always with a smile to give. I like to practice sports and more if it is skating. I enjoy meeting new people, getting out of the monotony, traveling and getting to know new places and of course reading a good book accompanied by a cup of coffee.
Turns On: I am motived to be treated well, to be kind to me, role playing i love, a man who treats me sweet, delicate, but also to be mutual, with respect and positive and warm thoughts, I am motivated by details and highlighting what they like about me
Turns Off: I am discouraged by rude treatment, being disrespected, no valuing my dedication to make him feel good, discouraging me and lowering my self-esteem.
Toys Or Props: