Description: Petite shy girl who likes meeting new people and experiencing new things ^^ Text me if you want to know more about me ;)
Expertise: ♥ I can make any man think about having sex with me. ♥ I`m very good at derermining what will turn you on. ♥ Im sure that im good at teasing, at showing off my petite body >_<
About: Hello, my name is Beatrice (Trice), im only 18 years old :P Living in Italy, but also know english fluently. I am still new for all this and feeling shy about many things , but im trying to learn new things. Please show mercy. Don`t be toxic.
Turns On: • Sexting; • Guys with tattoo; • Abs; • Experienced men; • Role play; I think there`s plenty of things that can make me turned on, just chat with me and discover it by yourself
Turns Off: • Toxic and rude guys. • Brutallity and forbidden things. • No violance. Freeloader.
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english