Description: I am a woman full of love, I like to learn many things, sometimes I am a little shy but if you talk to me nicely I like to go with the rhythm of things, I want to find love and learn a lot about my body, teach me and I will gladly help you. I will give many nice things.
Expertise: Oral sex, masturbations, fetishes, spanking, a bit of BDSM, bondage, rough sex, suckers and lots of love.
About: I like to play soccer, collect fountains, play board games like UNO I am a spontaneous and cheerful woman, you can expect a lot of support from me too
Turns On: I love kindhearted people
Turns Off: Just don`t be an asshole, and don`t ask for stuffs that are clearly wrong or against site rules
Kinkies: tattoos
Toys Or Props: