Description: My SCHEDULE from 27 November ✨to 3 December✨ MONDAY- 22:30pm to 9:00am✨TUESDAY-22 :30pm to 9:00am✨ WEDNESDAY -16:30-22:30pm to 9:00am✨ THURSDAY-day off✨ FRIDAY-22:30pm to 9:00am✨ SATURDAY-22:30pm to 9:00am✨ SUNDAY-day off✨
Expertise: I have a black belt in kara, be sure .... I have something to surprise you with
About: Welcome to my world) My name is Maya, I`m 19, at 19 I can do a lot, because I`ve been working in different fields since I was 16,I have been doing karate for 10 years, yes I am a sports person)
Turns On: Frankly, I can’t say why I’m turned on, because I’m still a virgin, but I know one thing - that like any girl, I love affection
Turns Off: Rude people
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english