Description: We are a respectful, kind, loving, very attractive couple, hot, seductive and stroverted, we are here to get out of the mutual routine, give mutual happiness, we are whatever you want us to be, we are waiting for you to fulfill all your fantasies
Expertise: erotic dances deep throat hard anal sex in foursome and cowgirl oiled bath and facial
About: We are a friendly, affectionate and above all very respectful couple. We like to satisfy your wishes and fantasies to the maximum. We have all the potential to give happiness and mutual pleasure. We are very hot.
Turns On: they kiss my penis the cocks kiss my vagina the black kiss they take me by the hair of my neck they bite me softly and slowly they penetrate me softly and then hard they say dirty words to me and listen to moans
Turns Off: users who are not aware of our art
Toys Or Props: