Description: I am made of , spice and everything nice....Wait!...N o ..that wasn`t it.....Oh yeah, here it is...A bit of naughty, a pinch of kinky, and a dash of sweet...This is the one!
Expertise: 69, doggy
About: I can be the next door, I can be a good ... but I can also be a naughty or a Mistress.... who I will be depends on YOU! Tell me all of your desires and let us drift away in pure bliss... Make me thirsty, make me crave for you. Be that man that knows how to push my buttons, be a gentleman but a
Turns On: Men with dirty minds, devilish thoughts, and charm. Oh, and of course a hard dick and a quick tongue... I am a girl and I love gifts, your generosity is such a big turn-on.
Turns Off: Stay Classy, keep the dirty talk and personal thoughts for Private or in / Notes...if you can`t then keep them for yourself. Thank you!
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english