Description: Adore, obey and pay...
Expertise: With simple gesture of my hand to throw u high in the sky and let u fall only in my arms.To raise u on level where there is no "What to do?"...but "I will do it" and put it into effect with the correct dose approach and respect.
About: For people who love to read and think. And then again: to think and read. The smile - disarming, the arsenal - diverse. Comfort, warmth, the desire to breathe the hope and exhale longing. Responsibility, growling, humility, gust... Those lips do the trick!
Turns On: Do not expect any nudity!
Turns Off: Thank you for the (ex)periance. Our time has (ex)pired, now please (ex)it my life.
Kinkies: piercings
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english