Description: Before some of you get offended I offer you to ask yourself, what do you prefer, my crystal clear straightness and honesty and as a result, my respect to my subs or you would rather prefer soaking, floating in the ocean of illusions and lie, mistakenly considering yourself online playboys lol?
Expertise: Look into this yawning chasm of hunger for meaning, hunger for love inside you.Gaze intently, accepting the truth. But in my chatroom you can be yourself without any judgmental. I`ll fix you up, your job is to humbly tribute your Mistress well.
About: Here To Drain Wallets & Balls Dry!I love the feel, the touch, the scent, the color, the crisp of new bank notes, I love improving quality of my life enjoying having total control meanwhile. So, money is the only reason why I am here. Online hours (GMT):1pm-7am
Turns On: Truth is healing. Forget this ”hru bb, u r so sexy mmm” here. This grimace doesn’t suit you. Be yourself! Do not lie yourself.Give in.If you are here it means only one simple thing,that there is nobody in your real life who would be willing to please you sexually for who you reall
Turns Off: I do hate it when men talk about money, complain, moan, please try to avoid it ;) or I`ll have to ban you. Only positive vibe please ;)
Toys Or Props: