Description: ££tips, tributes, adoration, luurve being worshiped,whlist hypnoblackmailing , exposing, intoxicating, draining piggies` wallets dry, training edging, gooning sissies to be the best cock-sucking sluts, prostate milking- training their pussies to cum hands-free, online-pimping them out
Expertise: +/-afternoon, evening,a bit of morning, may be till 10:00 GMT, having a legit work to do and Uni stuff to deal with at the same computer I am pretty much online all the time, my fav sessions occur close to the morning with wasted sluts,top notch fun!
About: 14+ years of domineering, a findomme, disciplinarian & sadistic homewrecker, love being amused c2c by somebody hot too, a mesmerising hypno-mistress, a sissies owner, a f/bisexuality couch, I specialise in kinks and am an expert in fetishes, knowing every single one , like the back of my hand
Turns On: Mistress Knows How His Cock Twitches Every Time He Pushes The Button "Send", and This Desire To Send is Like feeling My Fist Around His Neck, isn`t It? An impressive,royal- generous tip can be a seriously pussy-wetting, trance-causing experience, especially an offline one!
Turns Off: My rules:No nudity at all, no peeping, no free text messages(I see them AFTER closing the chat by the end of the day, not during). No requests, bodyworship is a privilege of good spenders, not a right
Toys Or Props: