Description: Good Morning/Afternoon /Evening. Welcome in my darkness, my place where I deliver fiction! Enjoy my blindfull world and show some gratitudine in tokens! If you are not brave enought, please keep walking! :nopussyhere
Expertise: I`m Expert in SOPHROLOGY,Bondag e&discipline,Role playing,Sadomasoc hism.FETISHES such as: Dominatrix,Leathe r,Latex&rubber,Le gs,feet&shoes,Lin gerie&stockings,N ails,Outfits,Smok ing, Armpits,CBT coc
About: Make sure that I am the right woman suitable for your cravings/NEEDS.I` m here to pandering your fetishes and hunt your weakness, feeding myself with your kinky fantasies or empting your balance account.I am a nightmare of woman for assholes*includin g those who considering about himself a g
Turns On: This room is about fantasies&fetishi sm,not partialism!As a form of partialism I offer just Podophilia FOOT FETISH&Hand fetishism.FETISHI SM is part of hardcore fantasies. ALSO I CAN OFFER non-adult discussion(in my limits because I`m not google),BDSM fantasies/cam2cam ,support
Turns Off: DON`T expect:body nudity,strip clothes, dating, exposing yr personal details for my own gain, broke the rules of this/my site/room,taboo or fantasy.I don`t watch: `till permanent marks
Kinkies: branded
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english