Description: I`m strong and seductive woman.I know what it takes to please a man,in every aspect of his psyche.I can teaser you the erotic,and after i can be very strict Mistress.I can be Queen of your heart,life or take all thinks from yours head.You can be so strong man in a day,but soft sub in the dark for me
Expertise: There are countless sexual paths that call to me. imagination capture you and hold you. Let`s have deal and me to keep ours secrets.. But don`t ask about it if you`re going to be another wimp. So...Welcome..
About: I crave anything that takes us out of our comfort zones and into the no limits...I bring your basest urges to the top and help you explode in ways you`ve never experienced. When you`ll be ready for hard fuck, i am sure you have not same before.
Turns On: You need extreme. You need seductive. You need erotic. You need a teacher. You need ME...You know you`ll burn , but you`re too weak to resist the pull i have over you. Admit you`re addicted from me. No one will fault you:)
Turns Off: I hate when people have two faces, and try to be who they are not.
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english