Description: I could be your master, I could be your slave – but if you are looking for one-time fun to get rid of boner, I am not the one you need. Next room.
Expertise: I`m switch. I love some directions of femdom but also I can change the role – it depends on my mood and a person.
About: I love getting close with people, so we can be not only lovers but friends. I am totally against marriage but... if you say you listen to dark electro and techno, I will marry you without a second thought 🤩 Let`s talk about, for example, the philosophy of anarchism not the size of your coc
Turns On: I`m fascinated by well-read and intelligent people who have something to talk about. I am into art, fashion, psychology and politics, and my main job is a tattoo artist.
Turns Off: Close-minded people and the ones who think inside the box do not cause my sympathy at all. Although don`t try to bother me if I make it clear I cannot give you what you need or am not interested in u.
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english