Description: The dudes who have hit `Thee Ass` have taken the finest rides of their lives. Even without the stamp on it, hardcore fans would recognize those prized globes anywhere. The rest of Me is nice too, of course. But it`s "Thee Ass" that made me a success.
Expertise: If You Love ASs, Like< Add me to your favourite list and join me in my room.
About: Big butts rule, so you know a girl can`t front and call herself "Thee Ass" if she ain`t packing a ginormous backyard. And thank goodness that`s exactly what I got, a magnificently large backyard with its own zip code. :))))
Turns On: this deep throat specialist always brought a sense of fun to her many webcam shows.
Turns Off: Who says miracles don`t come true? no matter what you call me, just add beautiful in front of it, and i will definitely get turned on :)
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english